Help!! Has anyone else had an experience like this? Be nice to share :)?

So a few months back I was having a great time with this girl I met, we dated and things were going really well. This was the first time in my life that I thought i'd fallen in love. I'm 19 years old and a guy.

Then things took a bit of a downward spiral after I acted a bit stupid while drunk and said some things that I don't even know why I said them to this day. After that, she reluctantly messaged me and she told me that she wasn't looking for anything serious. This broke my heart and ever since then I've felt down and miserable and pretty helpless, especially seeing as this is the first time that i'd felt this way about someone. I've tried to apologize but I don't think I can change things.

I'm not sure if was actually love or not or just something like puppy love because it was my first time. Because of this, my summer's been terrible and I've tried to fill the hole where she once was by seeing other people but the summer is the worst time to do this :( I saw a doctor about depression because I was that worried.

So has anyone else had something like this in the past? If so, how did you deal with it?


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  • Trust me, this is only your first taste of heartbreak and it can be a lot worse. Regardless of if it was puppy love or if you were in love with her, it was going to hurt. My first love took me over a year to really get over, and in reality I still really care about the guy. It's not an easy thing to get over, but you will. The way I dealt with my first heartbreak was I hung out with my best friend and bitched about everything that was wrong with him, like how sometimes his nose hair got really long and pocked out of his nose, stupid shit like that, then when I finally stopped feeling sad all the time I started dating other guys and fell in love with a new guy... Who dumped me two months ago... So I'm back at the beginning of the process...

    By the way I think heartbreak is a form of depression, sometimes you can't eat, can't seem to breath, or sleep and sometimes you want to sleep all day. It's really not fun.. :/

    • Oh and you can do what my now ex is doing to pretend he doesn't love me and that he's better off without me (I know three years meant more to him than he is letting on) so basically go get really drunk every night do a lot of drugs that you have never tried and hang out with a lot of whores then selling drugs to make money for more drugs. It's working for him - might work for you.

    • Well I used to do some drugs but I found that it made it worse in the long run so I stopped.

      I think what I have is still heartbreak and not clinical depression thank god. I'm going to look forward to when uni starts again so I can see my friends again and start seeing girls without the worry of distance or work or holidays or anything like that

    • That will help a lot too, I hardly see anyone in the summer either.

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  • Yeah, I've had some relationships that really crush when they're gone. You have to focus on yourself. Understand that there are millions of girls just like her, or better. It helps in the future to not put girls on a pedestal and get focused on "THE ONE!"

    • Yeah I think that's what I did, I placed her as like 'The only one for me' because I'd never looked that way in the past about a girl. But then again, in the past, I wasn't really that interested in girls and dating because I was focusing a lot of my education.

      I'm in a bit of a spiral though because I keep on trying to find girls to take her place, to date, have fun with, etc but I know that it's the summer and I know that come September, when they go to uni, work, etc, things will get complicated

    • Summer romances are the best part about it. They're over in September! You're looking at it like you're sitting down to a restaurant with a 50-page menu trying so desperately to find the one meal that will satisfy you. Instead think of it as a buffet, where you can take a little sample of tons of delicious dishes.

    • Yeah that's a great way of looking at it. I'm doing that at the moment with things like Tinder and stuff but I just feel as though if I wait until Uni starts again, i'll probably have more luck. But it's just waiting until then. I feel like i've wasted my summer a bit

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