How to get a girl? More specifically College girls?

I'm a great student, can make anyone laugh, I'm pretty athletic, I'm always honest, and I'm not shy. As you can see I'm a pretty down to earth guy. However, when it comes to liking girls, I don't know what to do like I have no idea how to flirt. On top of that I'm southeast Asian that looks like a Cuban so I have insecurities because I'm a different color compared to my peers who are white. Also another thing is that I don't want any physical relationship (sex etc...) when I told my high school peers they all laughed saying it's impossible and that there aren't any virgins except for me. Based on this information could I get any advice on how to get girls because like I said earlier I don't know what to do and the last thing I want is to make her feel uncomfortable.


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  • Get over your insecurities. Just start going up and talking to girls. Most will be responsive. Some won't. Disregard the ones who aren't into you. They're not worth your time.


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  • Be her friend first but flirt and show everyone else that that's your bae.
    College girls are like high school girls except they're thinking about marriage sooo much more and they're more committed to a guy a lot more too.
    If friendships don't work at first she's not worth pursuing


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