Do I tell him how I feel and how to go about it? Want to be with him! is it too late?

Me and him, we have known eachother for 5 years now. We dated in the beggining and almost got in a relationship but i rejected him because i didn't know what a wanted. last year he persued me again but i still didn't know what i wanted. he told me he has always liked me, still does and wanted more but i said we should just be friends. but now i want more. i realized i do like him and always have. he has moved away since but i just saw him three weeks ago and he tried to kiss me and hook up i said were just friends because i dont want to just hook up. im going to see him again in a week and want to tell him how i feel and that i really like him and care about him. but is it worth it since he's going to go back and i won't see him until christmas? how should i go about this? i want to be with him but how are you supposed to start something with someone if were both gone? :( is it too late now?


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  • its taken you 5 YEARS to realise you like someone? why? Let this be a lesson to you.

    • why is that a lesson?

    • well now you could have lost him to someone else or missed your chance. I know if im attracted to someone within a few months of knowing them.

    • i was always attracted to him but moved on until last year but never got the chance to tell him i had feelings again

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