I'm going to ask out the guy I'm in love with. Advice and encouragement?

So I'm planning to ask out the guy I'm in love with the next time I see him. I've known him for since we were children but we've never been friends exactly because I've been boy-shy and he's been girl-shy until this year, when we've been getting over our shyness.

I've decided that he is not going to make a move so I'll have to. I need to know if he's interested or not so that my mind can rest. However I'm terrified that he won't be interested and that I'll be heartbroken. How do I prepare myself for his answer? How should I ask him out?


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  • Keep it simple. Don't enter in like Romeo singing to Juliet. It scares people away.

    So just stay calm and collected and ask if he's like to do a specific thing with you. Steadily work on getting closer with him physically, look between his lips and eyes a lot and he should get the message to kiss you whenever you're ready for that.

    Wait a few weeks until things are pretty steady before you tell him you love him. Most of all, do not smother him and don't act needy. Good luck.

    Also remember, rejection is nothing at all. You are where you are in life and you'll be where you are in life when a rejection comes. No difference, no change. It's when you aren't rejected you have to worry a little. Life is about to change a lot.

    • Ok thank you so much, that sounds like good advice :)

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    • Haha now I'm laughing at myself 😝 silly me.

      Thank you, that really sets my mind at ease. 😄

    • No worries. Have fun and enjoy the experience ;)

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  • Honestly don't get your hopes up. Happens to me quite bit like I get my hopes up then the girl i like is taken or something. Can't really prevent the hurt if you do get rejected but honestly all the best with it and I hope he says yes for you :)

    • Thank you :)

      I know he's single, so if he rejects me then he's definitely not interested at all.

    • Yea. If he is shy aswell though that could be another reason. But like I said he could say yes and you could be happy lol. Don't look at all the negatives.

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