He says he wants me. What could he mean?

My boyfriend and I have been together for 6 weeks now. I'm a virgin and he is not. I told him I wouldn't have sex until I get married and he said he was completely fine with it.

Anyway, this morning he texted me good morning and told me that he had dreamt about me. I asked him what he had dreamt about me and he said that in his dream we had been hugging and kissing.

Later during the day he texted me that he 'wanted' me and when I asked him in what way, he replied 'in every way'.

What does a guy usually mean when he says 'I want you' ? Does it have to be sexually or can it be emotionally too? He keeps checking up on me all the time and initiates texts always.


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  • In this context he means that he wants you sexually. His urges are not going to go away and you're going to be hard-pressed to find a guy who wants to wait that long. You really need to find a guy who is apart of the church you go to who also subscribes to the no sex before marriage lifestyle. Do not get a "born-again virgin", get someone who truly has not had sex before. Sex is a huge important part of any relationship and expect a non-virgin man to forgo it is really a silly thing to expect. If he doesn't develop a p*rn or strip club addiction - he'll end up cheating on you until you decide to give him some/or you two get married.

  • I think his frustration may get the better of him, urges need to be met before they spill over. 6 weeks is not a long time for a guy not to have sex, but 6 months, a year? You need to ask him if he IS definitely fine with waiting.


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