Dating Brazilian/South American Women. Good or bad idea?

I became close friends with a Brazilian girl in Florida. She moved back to her home country but we continue to talk every day.
She wants to live in the US.. I think she would move back if I expressed serious romantic interest.
Do you have experience dating a Brazilian/ South American woman?
Or are familiar with that culture?
What are some of the pros and cons?
She's vivacious, sweet, and beautiful.
It has occurred to me that she may be just looking for a man so she can have permanent residency.. Is that something to worry about?


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  • In majority of the cases, she may be after the visa. But you could only know with time whether that's all she's after but then agian everything can be an act until then. If she didn't have romantic interest for you before, little will she have it of you express it unless she wants the visa.

    • Use your head now. Plus i don't think she'd want to use you that way because you guys have built a close friendship. She would have been after her residency a long time ago.

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    • I can't speak the Turkish language.

      I can speak Spanish.

    • Nice.. have a good day, chica

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  • you should be worried! some women trick men into marrige and get the visa, and the romantic part can also be an act, so you have to make sure before doing anything wild.


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  • Latin American women are fuckin hot. That being said, the male culture over there is very overtly macho. If you're prepared to deal with having your woman expecting you to be Mr ubermensch at all times, then go ahead. Just be prepared.