What is the worst date you ever been on?

Mine was when this guy picked me up n started drinking since he got there. We want to a cinnabar and when the movie started he left several times to the bar. I ordered my food he said he didn't want any. I was eating by myself when he was at the bar. When he came back he stole food from my plate without asking. After the movie was over I went to the bathroom and he said he was going to pay the bill. Turns out he never did because when we were on the freeway I asked him if he paid n his like no the line was to long. So it was the quiets longest drive ever. Never talked to him again. Worst date ever.


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  • I don't know if its the worst "date" but I here is a OMG thing that happened to me...4years ago my best bro caught his girl cheating and broke up with her, in anger he had slapped her, so her mom and dad and all were at his house with baseball bats, me and my boys went over to calm the situation down and got into a "fuck you" fight with the girls mom and dad.

    Fast forward that night we decided to go out to change the mood so went to a night club, drinking with my friends and having a good time. On the dance floor I kept running into this sweet smelling brunette who kept dancing all over me, she smelt so delicious I couldn't help it and we started making out and groping each other right on the dance floor. Things were getting heated, one thing led to another and in the darkness, I took her to a corner and we started fucking. But my damn boys kept interrupting so we decided to go into her car to finish what we started... it is after we got in the car and she got on top of me we both realized she was my best buds MOM! and at that moment... I came... and then he showed up... needless to say, even though it was unintentional, we never talked again, I try to keep in touch but he was too mad.

    We finally decide to meet last summer at a pool party. He came after work at about 9pm, I had been there since 5, I was drunk and having a good time and on a dare, I jumped into the pool, took this girls top off and made out with her just coz it was silly, she was giggling, I was laughing and then Dan walked in, saw me, saw her and threw the bottle of rum through the wall and walked out... I couldn't understand why until I sobered up, that girl was his ex who cheated.

    I lost a my boi forever due to skanks and alcohol... so now I stop at 2 drinks... but its fucked up!

    • Damn bro... even though it was all unintentional, you did him diiiiiirrrtty

    • I know, and im not proud of it, actually it makes me mad coz I know him since I was 4 and he was like a brother... his mom didn't help the situation, the ex didn't matter she was a slut anyways... I try to talk to him but he doesn't, if he was bigger than me he would had kicked my ass but since we were young I have been slappin him around so he just doesn't talk, but if he did take a swing at me, I wouldn't hit him back, I probably deserve it. He doesn't know, but when he was unemployed and his house almost got repossessed, I am the one who paid off the past due and told one of our other friends did it, he still doesn't know till this day... it is what it is... only next time we ever decide to meet, I am gonna be sober in a fucking cemetery LOL

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  • Some girl picked me up to go out on date.. she played chicken with
    her car she made attempts to run into this bus with her car
    she banged on her steering wheel of her car.. yelling she was manic
    she did all kinds of crazy stuff.. when we went into this one store
    when i came home she stayed for while at my house than she left
    i never communicated no more with her.. it taught me don't meet
    anyone off a chatline/ internet without doing background check
    she even forced me to throw trash out at this gas station so if
    i didn't i would been left without a way to come home that's
    why i tell people use good judgement when you meet anyone


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  • A guy I met on Match got really drunk, and then got angry because I wouldn't go home with him and got angrier when he realized that I wouldn't be giving him a blow job in the parking lot either.

  • Something about him gave me the creeps. He asked me how I feel about premarital sex. His voice turned me off.

    • How many dates did you have with this guy before he asked about premarital sex?

    • It was a first date

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