What is confidence and why do chicks dig it?

Ladies, what do you see as confidence and why do you think it is so damn sexy?


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  • Confidence is being able to say "Holy god damn, look at those luscious hips on xPoison there in her picture! I don't even like kids, but the caveman in me wants to take a bite out of those baby-bearing hips and come back for seconds. If she's not a Latina, she could easily be mistaken for one. And if she is, then she is precisely the reason why Latinas are unmatched in this world. The End."

    The reason why chicks dig it? I bet she never hears something like that, so it's nice to see a guy stand up and be bold about his interest in her. Chicks love that shit... it's just nature, don't question it ;)

    • LOL! You're right I'm Latina ;)

      Thanks :-)

    • See QA? That's how it's done. Let those lovely ladies know what's going on. And my suggestion would be to raise your standards and go for the Latinas, as you probably already guessed lol

      @Poison, you're very welcome ;)

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  • Confidence to me is someone who is not afraid to be themselves and speak their mind. They aren't worried what other thinks and have a optimistic view of life.

    Confidence is a positive trait. Any positive trait can be regarded as sexy. Women, well most women (don't want to generalize) seek for someone who seems, keyword seems l, like they have no holes in them and are comfortable with themselves.

  • because it means the guys know what they want and in some cases how they will achieve it


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  • I'm a guy, but I think what chicks mean is they want a guy that's assured. A guy with goals. A guy who knows who he is and is comfortable in his own skin. That can be tough though with guys in our age range especially because I think we are in that stage where knowing who you are is important, but many struggle to really find who we are. All in all I say you should be yourself and be proud of who you are. You do that and you should be fine.

  • probably evolution