Who should I talk to about loneliness and romantic rejection?

I'm really down about how alone I feel. I already have diagnosed depression and I'm on medication. I think being upset/down about being alone has been a huge contributor to my depression and has been keeping me stuck in this rut.

Most of my loneliness comes from women being completely repulsed by me (physically unattractive, introverted, intelligent - probably the worst combination possible). Its so difficult knowing absolutely nobody wants you romantically/sexually.

I do have some friends, and I do sometimes talk to them about this, but they are in much the same situation (albeit less upset/down about it). I'm also reticent to bother them with it too much, as I'm aware doing so would soon leave me with no friends.

I have no relationship with my family. I can't even stand talking to them about something small and unimportant, let alone this.

I don't want to go to a Doctor, they will shoo me straight out the door with more medication, they don't have the answers or cure for what is wrong with me and they tend to be short on time for talking.

I don't want to go to a therapist/counsellor, I've had several over the past few years, they always seem to obsess about my past/childhood, which I'm aware contributed to my situation, but talking about it won't change it or help stop me being so lonely - in fact they pretty much refuse to talk to me about anything that is happening now at all or even tell me what I'm saying is happening to me isn't happening, which usually results in me never returning as they obviously are not able to comprehend my situation.

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  • You could talk to Taylor Swift about what's in your title question.

    On a serious note though, you're taking the right steps by identifying the factors & being able to define what didn't work in the past, so that you'll be able to narrow down what can work for you.

    Chin up babe. x

    • I don't know what the first line is even meant to mean.

      And I can't change those factors, so I'm no closer.

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    • Haha wut

    • You said identify the problems and fix them... The main issues are I'm physically unattractive and too intelligent for most women.

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  • You can talk to me or someone else on here.

    • I don't think I get much from talking to people online.

      Like I've been coming on here with these problems for almost 2 years now haha.

  • U can talk to me I've had depression before

    • Thanks, I don't think its general depression I want to talk about so much though, more the romantic/sexual rejection, which as a woman you don't experience.

  • keep a journal maybe, or make video blogs.

    • Na. I don't fancy ending up like Elliot Rodger.

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  • man I know how you feel. IT is hard getting yourself out there and trying different things.
    But you are going to have to try and change things or things won't change. Straight up!

    The doctors and that don't really understand because theyve never been in our positions.

    As to girls, the first thing they look for is how you look, so dress nice, neat haircut, trimmed, clean, well fitting clothes etc. Workout either by bulking a bit on your skinny frame or trimming a larger frame.
    Go try and hang out with people who are similar to you, occasionally you will meet cool people and dating someone will just happen.

    I was cheated on a couple of years ago and decided to change everything up because I was so depressed that nobody wanted me and I had nobody to talk to. So I went to Mixed Martial Arts lessons... lost weight made new friends and eventually I started fighting professionally. And I had girls hanging off me!

    If you want me to message you or talk privately let me know.

  • I'm in the same boat as you and quite frankly I feel like I'm closer to killing myself then bothering to get any help. Its all a waste of time.

    Suicide is my answer, maybe it's yours too.

    • I feel this way sometimes. I hope not though, for both of us that is.

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