Would This Creep Her Out? Flatter Her?

For 2 months now, since meeting this girl in my Summer Class, I have been trying to take her out on dates here and there, but she always says she is too busy now. It's strange, because I thought she liked me, and here are some hints to support my reasoning:

-She approached me first during class and started talking to me.

-After she approached me, she started dressing really nice everyday after that and talking to me more. I asked for her number and she easily gave it to me.

-We studied together at night for a few hours and talked a lot. And when I would ask her for hugs she would give them to me with a smile on her face.

We haven't been in contact much, due to our busy schedules. But when I asked her out a few days ago, she said that her schedule is too hectic again.

I am also wondering she really likes me, because I said her outfit looks nice once and she quietly said thank you. And when I recently lost her number and re-asked for it, she got quiet and then gave it to me again.. so I am not sure.

This is my last week of school, since I am graduating, and I am not sure if I will ever see her again.

If I go into school really early sometimes, I can catch her before she heads to class. Here is a scenario I have planned out:

I go up to her and tell her I really need to talk to her. She agrees, I take her hand and lead her outside the school under the tree. I continue holding her hand, but also put my free hand on the side of her stomach, and say this:

Ana, I know I can be a little shy at times... but I just wanted to let you know that I am interested in you. I think you are a beautiful woman, but that's not all. I also like how you have such a bubbly and energetic personality and I think you are a great dress. In short, I find you to be highly attractive and sexy. I am not sure if you feel this way about me, but I just thought you should know my feeling.

If I did/said all that to a girl, do you think that would creep her out?


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  • No need to hold her waist while you're saying that, I feel like that would be a bit too much. Holding her hand is enough. And you don't have to sit by the tree either, it really wouldn't make a difference.
    Personally, I think your confession is a bit too long. You don't have to spill all the beans. If she doesn't like you back, your long confession will only feel awkward. "Ana, I know I can be a little shy at times... but I just wanted to let you know that I am interested in you." should be enough. You can also add "so, are you interested in me?" at the end. Basically half of your confession (as it is now) is incredibly focused on her looks only. If I heard a confession like that, I'd start to question if he's just interested in my body. Yeah, you can call her beautiful, but there's no need to go into detail about her looks. Just keep it short and simple.

    • Ha... that speech was just an example :). But I will keep the shortness thing in mind for sure.

  • No, It is really nice. Whether she likes you or not I don't see why she would be creeped out.

    • Thanks. Like I said before... we have done a lot together as friends (as listed above)... but I am not sure if she completely likes me. I know she is uber busy with school and working full-time, but I know she gets weekends off sometimes. So it makes it really hard for me to gauge if she likes me just as a friend and not more than that.

      Now, as a woman, if I gave you that speech, how would you react?

    • If I did like you- I would say thankyou, open up and tell you how I felt towards you & that I liked you. I'd ask you where you want things to go from there, etc.

      If I didn't like you as more than a friend- I would still say thankyou and be honest and say I was not interested in more than friendship at the moment.

    • True.

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