If a girl is doing the chasing, what should she say?

If a girl was doing the chasing, what kinds of things do guys like to hear? A guy that is chasing a girl would say things like you're beautiful, I love when you laugh, the sunrise made me think of you... but what can a girl say that would make a guy feel nice?


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  • Sexy, hot. I guess handsome but that got old a long time ago. I mean you can try compliments on what makes you attracted to him ie. You have a really deep voice. I also liked it when girls threw in some touch like touching my hands or legs. That's just me so take it or leave it. :)


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  • Why are you chasing in the first place?

    • & I don't know how I would feel if a guy chasing me said those things... Either I'm interested or not. Games are nonsense. Don't chase...

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    • I feel you. I used to tell the guy I dated that he had popcorn feet Lmbo. Because his feet stunk. - then again I am completely awkward and I am sure that wasn't flirtatious in his mind at all. 😂😂😂 I did bring him his favorite candy on a bad day though so hopefully he remembers that more so than the nickname.

    • Hahaha! I think that's funny :) I just called him fella :) he was a basketball player. And I would tell him I was gonna beat him in horse but that i wouldn't play a real game with him and he'd always try to get me to lol.

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