Confused About His Intentions?

I should be excited about my guy wanting to finally have a relationship with me but I cant. I mean, I have been wanting to be with him for a couple of years now but we have just stayed friends for several reasons. One, we met right after both he and I got out of really serious relationships. Two, I moved home... 3 hours away from him... for financial reasons. Three, he has been struggling with homelessness... they fired him during the start of the recession after working the same job for 7 years... and I have also been unemployed for most of the last five years... also due to the recession... but I've had family help. We stayed in contact over the years despite all of the challenges. He's become my best friend. Unfortunately, because of the homelessness, he's been intentionally going to jail on and off for the past four years just to survive. He will never admit the arrests were on purpose... it's easier to act like a bad ass than admit you're starving... but I know better. The last time, he made a vow to stay out and survive on his own the best he could because he had accumulated so many points he knew going back would mean prison time. Long story short, his family started trouble and he's in prison now. I have been keeping in contact with him since his arrest because I believe he does not deserve to do 3 years for what happened. Truthfully, I feel like he shouldn't be in there at all and that his family should. I went to visit him last weekend. It was the first time we'd seen each other since I moved. Before I left, he kissed me for the first time ever. Last night, he told me on the phone that relationships while in prison can be rough but that we could work through it. I don't understand why choose this now?


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  • The poor guy... It's like one of these impossible romances. I guess he's really lonely right now.


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