How can I get his attention back?

Hello, I could really need some advice right now!

There's this guy in my town that I met and he invited me on a date but we barely knew each other back then so I wasn't even sure he was being serious, anyway I-or well it was more my friends idea than mine-decided to play a prank on him so I stayed at home and did not show up to the date.. After that I felt bad for him but he got over it and we decided on a new date after we knew each other better, problem is that he's new in town and wasn't sure where the place we were supposed to meet at was and I was really nervous so I didn't go and look for him instead I said I had no idea where he was if he couldn't explain the area better and then I went home again. After that we kept texting for about three weeks until he got mad at me for what really was nothing but I guess he's just easily annoyed (especially when it comes to me on top of how horrible I had been to him) and he kind of raged a bit but I expected him to say he's sorry the day after but he didn't. He kind of said later it wasn't a big deal really when he had calmed down a bit but since he hasn't spoken to me since then I don't know.. (I didn't reply to him saying it wasn't a big deal though but well does it matter?). Now I wanna know how to get his attention back without having to text to him when he's not texting me anymore which he's obviously not doing for a reason, I guess. And how should I act if we see each other outside? if he doesn't say hello should I? Why isn't he texting anymore, is he still mad or does he think I am because I didn't reply him after that last text?
How can I get his attention back? I have a feeling that he would text as usual if I texted him now but I don't think it's a good idea still..


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  • You manipulated him.
    You don't deserve to get his attention back.
    When you decide that it's not about you but about the other person, you'll have your answer.
    No wonder he's cool toward you.
    He won't make the same mistake twice... unless he's dense.

    • Maybe I did the first time, but the second time was a mistake. I had planned on meeting with him.
      It's not easy for me though since i've got social anxiety and I wasn't sure where he was etc. and that just made me give up instead. I know I don't deserve it but I miss him and it's just so typically me to lose people because of my social anxiety standing in my way.

    • do you think I can get his attention back somehow anyway? I could really need a chance to prove to him that i'm a really nice person and that I did not mean to hurt him if that is what I did but I feel like I need to see him irl for him to see that, problem is if we don't text I don't know where he is and what he's doing and we live in a big city.. what should I do?

  • try voice communications for a change

    • I don't think calling him out of the blue is a very good idea.

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