Why haven't I gotten a girlfriend? Girls?

I've been trying but for some reason it ain't happening.. First year I won't be going to high school no more and I know it's gonna get harder.. I know looks don't matter cause I've gotten girls that are good looking but there just sluts. I am on the heavier side and that's why I'm dieting.. Is the weight my only problem?


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  • But your age says that you are 25-29 years old, how are you only just out of high school?
    Regarding some girls as "just sluts" could be part of the reason right there. I don't agree with sleeping around, however the majority of girls who do it are simply looking for acceptance from males, because they're not getting it elsewhere, e. g. From their own Dad's.
    It's good to try and be insightful. A girl is never "just a slut", she is someone's daughter, someone's sister, and may be someone's future mum. And if she's a slut, then the guys who sleep with her and date her must be sluts too then.
    My point is, if girls hear you speaking about other girls in these terms, they will instantly sense a disrespect of women from you, and will instantly lose interest.
    As a female, I can tell you that we want guys who are mature, respectful, insightful, good listeners, who are sincere and caring.
    I think it might help to reflect on those qualities, and ask yourself if you display those characteristics around females?
    Are you befriending them and getting to know them first?
    And if your weight does bother you, exercise a little, and watch what you eat.


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  • If you decided not to go to high school that's the first problem.
    Women like a guy who wants to be successful. We look for a guy who wants to better himself and wants to get his life together.
    The fact that you are dieting shows you want to better yourself. All I can say is don't give up. Message me if you want to discuss this more

  • Sometimes its just not the right time, circumstances hold you back. It's a good idea to lose weight and work on your self esteem


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  • dude there could be a bunch of problems you're not being specific enough girls will go out with fat guys so thats not an excuse maybe you're not confident enough or out going enough