Is this a solid plan? What do you girls think about this approach?

I haven't seen my crush in class in over a week. I missed a few opportunities to get her number and make things happen. Yeah I'm a fucking idiot for making her wait (She was giving me really good signs all semester), but I'm about to get really ballsy next time I see her because I like this girl.

"Hey I've been thinking about you a lot, and I really like you. Would you ever let me take you out?"

Proceed to get her number if she says yes.
Make my exit if she says no.


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  • Exactly right, mate. Listen to what yesmylove (above) said, go for it. Just take a shot and hope for the best, might be the best decision of you life :)
    If she says no, well, take it on the chin and move on, at least you know you tried :)

    Good luck Bud, best of wishes :)


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  • Don't say you really like her. You don't know her so you can't like someone you don't know. Say you would really like to get to know her better instead

    • I do know her. It's not just a random girl.

      I might not know EVERYTHING about her, but I know she likes her coffee black, she's had bad experiences with armadillos, she likes it when a man cooks for her every now and then, and that she's absolutely beautiful.

      And yes, I really like her. So I think I'm going to say it. Thanks anyways.

  • I approve 👍. Go for it if she says no then oh well on to the next, if she says yes then you're golden.


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