Guys or Girls have you ever dated anyone one in a wheelchair? and how did they attract you?

as hard as I try I can't seem to find a girl


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  • I didn't, but yet again I don't really know people in wheelchairs, especially guys my age.

    But I would date one. They would attract me the same way guys that aren't in wheelchairs would: mentaining a good conversation and making me feel wanted. Sense of humor might help.

    • see its good that you say that but some girls then panic in the situation because they think too far down the line instead of the moment

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    • I know but getting turned turned down for something like a wheelchair is more painful then all the operations and other stuff and it messes with your mental state

    • I don't know about it, but I've seen married people in wheelchairs...

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  • I never have dated anyone in a wheelchair. I would probably end up dating him out of sympathy :(.

    • Do you think you could ever date someone in a wheelchair for more than sympathy

  • I haven't ever dated a guy in a wheel chair or even been attracted to one (the only guy I've ever met who is in a wheel chair had something wrong with him mentally). Though that's not to say that I wouldn't. The only problem I could ever see with it is if they were negative about their wheel chair all the time, it would be nice if they joked about it. (:


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