What traits are guys attracted to the most?

What traits are guys attracted to the most? Both physical & personality.

Also, what do guys first notice about a girl? And what turns you guys off


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  • Physical: Long, dark hair. Artistic or distinctively good style of dress. Not afraid of smiling and eye-contact.

    Personality: Creative/artistic. Chilled out, not too shy, but not fast-living either. Able to enjoy life.

    Turn offs: Not being able to go 5 minutes without checking either their reflection or facebook.


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  • For physical traits I'm probably most attracted to smaller girls with long hair. For personality traits it'd pretty much revolve around how cute and kind she is, intelligent is a nice bonus as well.

    First thing I notice about a girl is usually their hair, and the biggest turn off is when the girl is really snooty or mean.

  • I like intelligence, selflessness and exclusivity.

    I can't stand a stupid girl whom I can't hold a conversation with - or who always puts herself first - or who sleeps around, has a male gynecologist or is quite happy to act 'easy' towards other guys.

  • regardless what body type you got, TRANING YOUR BODY GYM AND RUNNING..

    try to be submissive they like that ! and they probably will try to get to know you. and sweet

    smile. talk alot.


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