Why do girls find odd looking boys attractive?

This might just be a Canada thing but girls here think the weirdest looking boys are sex objects. There is this hairstyle that is basically the mullet called the hockey flow because they push their hair under their helmet. Its fucking wierd. In class when one girl pulls out a picture of a cute boy from our school it is so often such a weird looking kid, like 90 pounds, whiskery little moustache, bad acne, and A. Fucking. Mullet. It really is odd


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  • Oh god no. Not the hockey flow.

    We here ( Finland) had the same trend aswell. So terrible. Icehockey creates some ridiculous trends. Also that mustache D:

    But tryst me. Most women hate it. Maybe some high school girls dig it but they get over it once they mature.


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  • Different people have different taste. What you consider odd/ugly obviously another person finds attractive.

    IF all men and women collectively wanted the same things/were attracted to the same things. Then MOST of the world would be single/childless which it isn't.

  • Eugh. Hockey flow? I think it's just the girls in your class. Also, the moustaches like little Bieber's trying to grow? Gross. Yuck. Just shave that shit off if it can't grow properly.


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