My boy friend has been ignoring me/ backing off from me because my family is "dramatic" and I am always upset about something. What should I do?

We have been going out for almost five months and for the past 2 months he has very slowly been backing off. My dad is pretty mentally abusive and I dont have very many friends so i dont really have any fun things to talk about. When we first started going out he was crazy about seeing me. He works a 50- 60 hour job and used to still come over after work and watch movies or play video games with me. He would call me every break and sometimes get up early to come see me before work. I recently quit my job and am waiting for a bit to get another one i have been focusing on school lately and he got upset but understood my lack of a job. He never had a problem with money untill i quit my job and he started freaking about about me possibly leaning on him for money and i assured him i would not do so and i haven't. He started not coming over any more and only seeing me once a week. I was fine with that, he wanted to hang out with his friends and i was happy for that. But then he stopped calling me. I was okay for a few days but then started calling him. At first he would answer and then even that stopped. I started finding it harder and harder to be with him and he would assure me we were fine. Finally he told me he wanted to slow things down and i was fine with that untill he stopped any contact at all with me. I mean what is the point in being together if we dont talk. So i finally asked him what does "slowing down" mean to him does it mean he was done with me and he said "i dont know". I dont know what to do i care about him so much but i want him to be happy and i feel like the only thing i can do to make him happy is leave him.. but he is still claiming he cares and loves me but he doesn't want to hear about my family drama or things that make me sad because im depressing. I dont know what to do, please help :/

So we talked last weekend and he finaly told me he is going through some stuff (a family passing) and he's been depressed as well. Does that change any thing? He is willing to work with me to fix us. I would like an oppinion


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  • It's an unfortunate situation, but it sounds like the relationship is over.

    He of course does still care for you, feelings don't immediately disappear, but this seems to have been gradually building up due to those things you mentioned. Sometimes a person can handle only so much.

  • The feelings are gone and he's being a little bitch by kind of drifting away, you don't sound like you're controlling him, so he could at least give you a signal. Just block him off, even when he does crawl back, because he's not grown up enough for mature responsibility of relationships.


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