Why would it be wrong to date a sociopath?

I'm a young writer that's writing a story involving a 16 year old girl beginning a relationship with a sociopath and I can't have any phrases for her friends and family trying to tell her that's it's a bad idea. I need around 15-20 opinions, why don't you share some personal opinions, make up one to help me, I promise I'll give you credit of the opinion if you want.


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  • Being a sociopath is difficult for oneself and people around them. Most people don't understand me because of it. I don't really care if someone gets hurt that is in my family. Many prefer to be alone and by themselves. Make sure that you don't mistake a sociopath for a psychopath. It's very frustrating when people think I might kill someone once I admitted I was a sociopath. Most are reckless/careless to social norms openly. If a sociopath is decently intelligent, then they can hide it. I unknowingly sabotage my own relationships with girls when I don't care of what they are feeling. Good luck on your story.


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  • I think, if he's a real sociopath, there should be no opinions at first. She shouldn't start out knowing he's a sociopath.
    One big reason could be that he would never truly love or care about her though, because he's incapable of forming that kind of attachment.

    You could study Dexter (the sociopathic killer that kills killers in the show by the same name).

  • Who said he's a 'sociopath'? A shrink or his ex? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sociopathy#Sociopathy

  • Schrodinger's cat


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