How do you date if you're disabled guy, knowing that disabled girls are much fewer than disabled Guys?

The fact is that there is many more Disabled guys than disabled Women/girls. I've never seen a single girl in a wheelchair or in crutches or with a speech/mental impairment ever in my city (girls around 20's or 30's). yet i always see guys with impairments.

I occasionally see a few but very very few.
I know there are but they're very few and they hide, they don't get out there and do stuff.

So as a disabled guy, i know nondisabled girls won't like me. That's 99 percent chance that nondisabled girls won't like me. So i have to go for disabled women but I have no clue how i will find them.

For example, here in the mental health place, most of the people are men. Specifically men in their 40s and up.


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  • Join an organization for disabled people. Talk to your disability payment representative to get advice about organizations you can join. Also do some research online and ask around.

  • Be patient you will find someone

    • Thank you. But how will i find someone if I'm never where the women are because those disabled women are never around anywhere. There aren't even any in mental health clubs.

    • dating websites, going out, etc

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