How can I get her address?

There is this girl that I like which I have been texting for a while, you can say that I love her but i want to make it clear for her that I love her. I live in another country and we only texted but never seen each other , but she kinda knows how I feel about her and she said that she likea me a lot , I wamt to send her a gift , do you think that this is good? plus how can I know her address without her knowing that I am going to send it to her and without being creepy, thanks in advance!


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  • Just an idea, but I don't know if it's possible, or even how much it costs. You can pay for a po box by card and tell her to collect it.

    Another option, I think you can send things to most post offices for people to collect. So if you know her local area, you can Google the post office closer to her and send it there and have her collect it.


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