What can I do when making out?

I have been with my boyfriend for about 5 months and when we make out, it's usually in the boot of his car in the evening or night... But I have curfew. We usually kiss or kiss each other's neck or he kisses my chest but not too far down.
He is my first boyfriend and I am unsure what to do but we don't want to regret anything. What can I do? He is very gentle, cares and respects me so I think he is holding back and trying to take it slowly.


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  • Well... what do you want to do? That's kind of a big question, isn't it? :)

    If you'd like to go for some form of sex, or getting each other to orgasm, then giving him a hand job and his fingering you is a good place to start with. You can work your way down your bodies slowly. One day you can be like "want to take off our shirts today? Maybe we can do more next week..." Then next week, you can plan for using your hands.

    I recommend talking to him ahead of time - "hey, how'd you like to try getting me off with your hands next week some time... I'd like to try giving you a hand job." Then you're not springing anything on him, or yourself, and you can plan. Get a towel for him, and lotion, lube, or oil of some sort. You might want some lube of some sort too. And if you get really really wet, a towel for you, too!

    If you want to try oral, you can work your way into it by playing around with your mouths down there, and finishing with your hands if mouths prove awkward ( you can always play more another day :) )

    Have fun, and don't let your parents be the ones to wash sex-fluid-y towels :p

    • I don't want to go too far haha :P And don't want to regret things.
      I don't really want to have sex until after getting married. But I am a bit worried he would see me differently if we do go further or finger or do hand jobs.
      He said he wants me to stay innocent. I think he has this caring big brother personality... hope that doesn't sound weird. But I feel like going further but not sure if I want to or should as my family told me not to get serious with him and to stay as friends.

      Thank you for your advice :) I think I'll ask him what he feels then.

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    • Wow. Well, that *is* hard to talk about! :)

      I don't remember much about the first time I had intercourse. I'm sure it was confused; I don't remember what we did for protection, I don't remember if we did it in the dark... I do remember being ecstatic about it, because it felt *amazing*; I was walking a foot off the ground for a while...

      I remember the first time we had oral sex and I came in her mouth. We didn't talk about it much, and so it was confused and... bumbling? I tried telling her that she should stop if she didn't want me to cum in her mouth; I'm not sure what came out, but it apparently sounded like hold still or stop moving or something, because just as I started to come, she stopped moving, which made the orgasm a little less spectacular. Then she ran from the room to spit my cum out and rinse the taste out... left my dorm room open with me too dazed to stand up >< But we didn't do much in terms of communicating, which was too bad - things would have gone smoother.

    • Also, the oral sex felt *amazing*. Very much so ^_^

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  • If you want to be explored more let him know you'll say when to stop. Also he needs to trust that stop only means stop not that he's hurting you or that you're mad. If things are heating up you may have to to say it twice but hormones are a bitch. Keep in mind blue balls hurt, so if he's considerate for you then you can still do something for him. You could just be there as he finishes himself, you could watch, kiss him on the lips, spit on it, be the one he is masterbating to. Even just sitting there can be very intimate. I recommend this for a number of reasons but it is honestly a wonderful feeling to see your woman, well, swallow. You loving every part of him even his, god is there a way to say this that it won't sound pornagraphic, his seed is a wounderfull feeling. I'm not going to lie, it's an acquired taste but acquiring it sooner is going to be the best route. If you think it's demeaning just remember in bdsm female doms give their subs head, normally as a reward but some even find a way to make it demeaning to the man. it's all how you approach it.

    • Thank you for your answer. I think we both don't want to take our clothes off but would it still be alright if we just put our hands in each other's pants? I'm not sure what blue balls is like but it doesn't sound good. Was wondering if we did that if that would happen... I wonder if this is a strange question, but if he gets finished off in his pants, would that be uncomfortable or be a mess?
      He told me he wants me to be innocent though but I don't think I am since we started to make out.

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    • I see. I guess it seems exaggerated in other places so I get worried. I hope I can get over the taste and everything else ><

    • If you want to know anything else then just massage me and don't worry. You'll do great.

  • Run your hand over his willy.

    • Would it be alright if I just do it casually? A lot of guys seem to want the job finished otherwise it is cruel? Would it be uncomfortable for some guys if I just suddenly do it?

    • Hmm.
      I recommend being careful, because if you're not into it, he will be 100% of the time.
      He will be surprised, but don't do it twice if you don't want to.
      Just once casually, should be OK.

    • I see. Thank you for your advice

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  • There is plenty of room in a car for sexual exploration.

    • Yep, I would prefer indoors though :P

  • While kissing gently grab his dick through his pants

    • I think I'll try that. Thanks :)

  • Well I'm not sure if you want to go farther or not but oral is a great form of sex that has no risk of pregnancy, or even a hand job. Use a little tongue and let your hands wander a little.

    • If you try a hand job bring lotion, dry hands hurt. ALOT.

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    • don't ask just do it (:

    • Okay :D