POLL: Girls do you think I am an attractive guy?

Please let me know yes or no and why, I don't think I am ugly, but girls never seem interested in me. Why is this? I am 22 by the way.


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Most Helpful Girl

  • You have potential - but it depends how you carry yourself.

    • So is that a no

    • You could be hot and you could also be very bland - it depends how you carry yourself and how you are.

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What Girls Said 6

  • Shave your head. It will bump you up 2 points.

    • Really? I used to shave my head and it always seemed like that style turned girls off even more.

    • Really. And drink coffee that way you look happier.
      Other than that personality is key. But I can't rate that based on a picture.

    • Lol I wasn't smiling on purpose... guess I should change that.

  • I agree with them :) if you shaved your head and carried yourself as if you were really attractive then you would be.

    • Why do people say that, does it look like I'm balding? My hair is just messy it is better when I style it.

    • It's not bad you could keep it the way it is. It might just be the picture but it looks like its just a little thin is all.

  • You look really boring. Trying improving your style, you look a lot older than what you really are so just try to get with the fashion. (:

  • don't shave your head bald. go to a salon and get a more modern cut and style. Open your eyes more so they don't look so droopy and smile. Also work on your biceps. Your not bad looking at all.. Just need some styling help

    • Lmao this is so funny because I was taking the advice of several other beautiful women. They told me my droopy eyes are sexy and that it's sexier when guys don't smile. Also I actually do style my hair it was just messy in that picture. I am working out I know I need to do that.

  • You look bored maybe that's why
    Try wearing a hat or growing some facial hair

  • It's the expression on your face... Maybe you need to be more happy and confident

    • Ok that makes sense. I was told that people photograph better without a smile so I deliberately didn't smile in this picture.

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    • Yeah I can see how it might come off that way. Wow women really do have different opinions... I was taking the advice other women have said not to smile and they liked the droopy eyes my eyes are naturally that way. But I guess there are also lots of women who have different taste.

    • Haha yeah we're all different :)
      Just like guys are different to each other.

What Guys Said 1

  • You look a lot older than 22. I would have guessed early 30's. The receding hairline doesn't help. Like others have said, shave it.

    Are you growing a beard? If not get rid of the stubble on your chin and upper lip.

    Likely your self esteem could use a bit of a boost to.

    You are not a bad looking guy (no I'm not gay). So if women aren't interested just because of your looks. They're shallow and not worth you time anyway.

    If no woman are ever interested. There is something much deeper going on.