Is he eager to meet me?

I think this guy is really eager to meet me. But i don't know if its a fling or not. You know that rule where guys take a few minutes (15 minutes to reply back) i message him and BING!! His already messaged me.. Not just one message 3 messages in the same time frame. His not in the same city in me, his in another city. And the only way to meet him is if i catched a plane for a 4 hour flight, just to go see him? What you think guys?


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  • Have you seen this guy before? (I mean by social networks, texting Skype, Facetime?) Has he ever mentioned "i wish you could be with me right now" or "wish you could be by my side?" And if he has said those things, do you think you are really to take a flight to get to see him and get to know him better? Also how often do you guys text? Do you feel like you two are inseparable?

    • Yes i have seen this guy before.. Mostly on text. Yeah his said those things before. That's the problem i don't know of i go up there will it just be a fling? We text every single day, i've been texting him since this morning till now and that's today alone! I don't know if i could say inseparable but we like to know what one and another is doing and checking up on each other.. Talk about random things

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