When you begin dating, how often do you see each other?

So i met this guy a month ago, and we've only hung out 3 times since we met. Is this normal? I thought that if you like a girl, you will try and see her every weekend? so far, its about every fortnight.

we are in contact quite often through the week (texting)

Do you think he's not really into me? or is this a normal pace to build a relationship with someone?


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  • Personally if I really like a girl, I instinctively want to spend as much time with her as humanly possible. But some people play head games and others just limit the time because of a certain fear. Just be honest about your feelings. Better find out where his head is at now than waste valuable time possibly finding someone else

    • thats how i thought it should be! but how do i find out? i don't want to ask him and scare him away?
      he texts a lot but doesn't seem to be actively asking me out. He does have a busy schedule with sport etc. though? I don't know how to approach this!

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