Is it strange that I am aroused by my girlfriend when she beats me when we wrestle or box?

I am aroused by girlfriend's superior fighting skills. Is this odd?

  • Women do you like being physically dominant?
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  • Guys do you mind being physically inferior to your woman?
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  • Some people think it's hot when someone can stand up for themselves, say something smart that only that person can say. You might just have a common interest and you do it together and like it and you personally find it arousing. It really is not weird, but not stereotypical. If that's you and what arouses you then no one can change what you feel and know one else has to know that will think it strange.


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  • It's not strange, I also like physically inferior to your woman ;) Dominant girls really turn me on, especially girls who have great fighting skills like wrestling or boxing :)

    • I mean, I like being physically inferior to a woman :P