Female salsa dancers, why don't you like it when guys go Salsa dancing solely to look for a date?

I have never had a girlfriend before and for all my life I have been having a hard time attracting and even connecting with women. Then there came Salsa dancing where folks have told me that I can meet beautiful and amazing women. However, I have been reading that guys that go Salsa dancing solely to meet women will fail miserably.

Is this the case even for someone like me that is trying to connect with and look for a relationship with a female dancer since I myself am a dancer in the Hip-Hop/Funk/House scene? I passionately love dancing and have been practicing Popping to compete sometime this year. However, I've been disappointed by the lack of women in the Hip-Hop/Funk scene and have been turning to the Latin scene to find a dancer I can connect with.

I feel like dancing is the only way for me to connect with women because it's my hobby and I live and breathe it everywhere I go. Also, with Salsa, it lets me touch a woman without feeling awkward or like I will creep her out and it lets me try and connect with her.

Is my intention truly a lost cause? Is my wanting a connection with a female dancer not worth it in the Salsa scene?


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  • The sexual marketplace is a numbers game. It can't be said enough.


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