Is it wrong to get mad at my girlfriend for not checking up on me?

this is my first time visiting her. ill be here for 6 days and this is my second day; the first day she picked me up at the airport, we had korean bbq and we cuddled/napped/kissed in my hotel room.

the next day she sends me a text, basically her dad had to use her car today so now im stuck in this hotel room. i went running. watched movies. listened to music. played by the pool but i am so frustratingly bored.

i am upset because she's at home playing video games until 2 am (we both play video games, and i'd be playing with her except the hotel internet is slow) while i am stuck at this hotel.

she didn't even text or call to check up on me. she just played video games until 2 am. she streams too (like broadcast video games while you play) and im upset it seems like she's having fun without me.

doesn't care at all that im miserable and bored out of my mind here

is there something wrong with me


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  • completely understandable to be mad, she could of talked to you more


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  • It can be annoying, but don't react too upset, cause it may ruin the rest of your time together. Try to explain her calm and nice how you felt.

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