When a guy asks you to a party with his friends there?

So I've been more then friends with this guy for nearly a year now, this last month everything changed.

We got in a huge argument over a month ago now & we both thought that was it & we were going to have nothing more to do with each other. He came runing back only 5 days later saying he wants me back basically.

Since then we've been speaking everyday & have gone a whole month without sex! He's been paying me loads of compliments like: how pretty I am, how I'm a smart lady, I make him laugh, that I'm a very caring person & other things. Well last night I was in town I messaged him about hooking up in which he said yeah that's good I'm at a house party atm.

He then progressed too invite me too it where all off his mates were there. He kept going on, for some reason he really wanted me to go, so I bottled up the courage & went. After the party had ended he asked if I wanted to stay at his (which isn't a unusual thing as I do a lot.)

We had some fun & went to sleep, halfway through the night he started cuddling me loads & that lasted for a good old hour or two while also holding my hand. (Both have happened before but while conscious!!)

Why did he want me to go to the party when I was seeing him after anyways? & what's with the random cuddling during the night?


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  • Showing you off to them


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