Girl problemo! Please help?

Hi, im having a bit of a trouble here, i met this girl on Facebook and we really hit it off.. we were going back and forth and it was also late that night and i had to go to work early next morning as well. Anyway the chatting was going on and it dropped in pace a little and i was waiting for a reply from her.
Problem is she is online on chat but she hasn't "seen" my message/s yet. Its been almost 2 weeks now and im kinda wondering if its something i said or if she is just completely ignoring me now and giving me the silent treatment?
Unfortunately i couldn't get her number even to give her a call or even to meet up sometime and i have no way of contacting her apart from Facebook, which isn't getting me anywhere at the moment.
I just want to know from the girls on here, what is my next move ( if there's any ) and what i can do to get her attention/ to talk to me again.
Came so close to asking her phone number..


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  • Pop her a random question.. If a guy doesn't message me, i get his attention by asking her the most random question. Something that will make them read it and be like oh yeah and they would have to answer it regardless because they want to know whats going to happen next (e. g. If its not true just make it up.. "Hey, i just saw my mate's gf with someother guy holding hands and making out.. Should i tell him or keep it a down low, what you think?" if she replies great, while you can ask her for her number and a catch up.. You have to get in quick with us women.. You don't have to ask her that particular question.. Anything in general, but something that you know a mate of yours would answer to know what the answer is in the end.. If you know what i mean

    • Well the problem is she hasn't "seen" my messages.. so even if i send a message it will still go unnoticed.. Should i write on her wall? i fear i will come off as too needy if i do that.

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    • If its one or two messages its fine.. If you give her more then 3 messages it looks quite needy

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  • Your over thinking it. If she doesn't respond, go occupy yourself. U need other girls to talk to at the same time. This will help. First, you got other things going on, so if she doesn't respond, no big deal.
    If its been a few days or whatever, shoot her a text, perhaps get her opinion on something. Maybe say a joke then ask her what she's up to.

    Whatever you do, don't show that your phased by her not responding to you. Its a turnoff. Instead just shrug it off.

    Sounds like you put a lot of emotion Into her prematurely. U need to branch out.