How would you kiss a guy?

I've only kissed a guy once...and it was disgusting. Are ALL guys like that? And how would you go in for the kiss? Should you kiss a guy you like, that likes you, even though your not dating? What would you do? Thanks for your help!


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  • its not disgusting if you know what ur doing so no not all guys are like that. Let the guy make the move and take it slow. Yes you can kiss a guy if you like them. A kiss can actually tell you a lot about a person. If its slow and gentle it means he cares and he is romantic. If he shoves his tongue down ur throat then he just wants to have sex. You'll know what I mean when it happens. Hope this helps.

    • Thanks so much! Is there any correct way to kiss a guy though? Is it ok if the girl takes it slow?

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    • There is no correct way because everyone is used to kissing differently. Once you and this guy start doing it more often you'll find out what each one of you likes and the kissing wiill be perfect between you. It takes a few times to find out how the other person kisses. AND yes it is very ok to take it slow and if you get crap for that slap him and move on. The guy should be honored for the opportunity to kiss you. Be confident my lady

    • I agree there sure isn't.

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  • Though I've never kissed a guy to date, I suspect it would be disgusting, and have no interest in any further discovery.

  • No, not all guys are like that, sometimes people are bad and they tend to just conform their kissing with each other as they kiss more. In my opinion I say you can kiss anyone you like, long as you or your partner are not cheating. I always start soft, mild and slow when I kiss a different woman for the first time, to feel it out. Just like in dancing I lead and just let her sync up with me but I obviously don't do things that she will find disgusting like swallowing her whole or biting the hek out of her lip or tongue. I guess the best description is just to be soft and mild to start. You can feel the rest out later as you kiss more and figure out what you like.

    • Well, he was definitely flirting with me the night we met! And thank you so much for your help as well! I appreciate it!

    • Well good luck !

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