I have a major crush on an extremely shy guy?

I am fifteen and so is he. We are both rather shy but we talk often in class, mainly in English and one of my electives considering he has no other friends in those classes. I know that he and I have many common interests, especially when it comes to music.
The problem is though that he is very shy and so am I, so I doubt that either of us are actually going to get anywhere with this. He is very talkative around me, and vice versa, but I've had a crush on him for about two months now and I want sort of drops some subtle hints to let him know that I like him.

How do I approach this though?
How do I know if he likes me back, considering he is shy and maybe won't show it like other people would?
How do I let him know that I like him, without telling him?

Thank you in advance.


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  • Since you are already talking a lot you have a good start.
    No need to jump the gun and say things like "I like you, do you like me" that will most likely scare away a shy guy.

    He probably already know that you like him when you talk to him, gives him bright smiles etc. But his shyness stops him from examining that further and he probably pushes that away.
    He will probably feel very pressured if you strait out told him you liked him, like he is supposed to do something and he doesn't know what.

    If you two are mainly talking in class then perhaps you can try to start to initiate conversation outside of class as well. It will build more comfort.

    And while you are in the middle of a conversation of something you ask him to do something with you. Like if you are talking about music you can say something like "Hey, there's this concert bla bla... We should go there." That way it will be more natural and not like "Hey, let's go on a date".

    The more you two spend time together the more he will loosen up and hopefully be ready to take the next step and not just be friends with you.


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  • well one advice i can give you, in which i gave a lot of people is stop being shy, if you like him you should tell him or else you'll never progress anywhere. being shy kept you away from a lot of chances especially in relationship
    and if you don't want that, you can maybe change your hairstyle a bit, like subtle changes that not everyone can spot. and if he spots it then it means he pays a lot of attention to you.
    and also you can talk to him about things like dating by saying it discreetly for example when in a conversation say that one of your friend says that you're a cute couples or something like that
    and you can call him, message him and chat (on phone) with him frequently. sometimes when you do these through phone you'll be less shy or more daring


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