If A lady you were dating had no friends would that make you lose interest in her? Turn you off? Or make you think something is wrong with her?

Whenever I see a guy who shows interest, at first I decide to show some back but then I think about how they might view me or the questions that might ensue after they find out that I'm basically a loner (not by choice really). So I end up just looking the other way and pretending not to notice guys at all due to the shame I feel from time to time about not having friends. I have 4 friends but they all live in another state, so yeah. =/

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  • I would be fine with that. I think people only need 3-5 friends depending on the games they want to play (or other things they want to do) if I found out a girl I was dating had little or no friends I would see if she wanted to hang out with me and my friends.

    the only thing I would be worried about is needing my free time and if she'll be too clingy but other than that it wouldn't change my mind about dating her or not.

    • Haha yeah that's another fear I have, That the guy will assume I'm clingy due to that as well. When I'd really wouldn't mind the time alone from time to time, since I'd be able to catch up on games (playing the walking dead atm SOOOO GOOD).
      Also thanks for taking the time to share your view

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    • thanks for MHO

    • no problem C:

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  • For the purposes of dating not at all. Beyond that, yes I would have issues with it for sure. I could never cultivate a good relationship with a female who doesn't have at least 1-2 close friends. More than half if the guys in my crew's wives don't have any friends and has been and is a huge problem for them. It pretty sad when they look forward to a guy like me coming over and visiting so that they-the wives-have someone else to talk too. Meanwhile, their men have friends and inevitably the women get jealous because they don't. A close friend if mine came over to vent about this very topic just last night.

    If we're going to build a lasting relationship beyond dating, I need you to have your own social life beyond and separate from ours.

    • I can see where you're coming from with your standpoint, but maybe it would also depend on the state-of-mind the woman that has little to no friends has. So basically whether the person thrives off having friends aroubd them because that gives then energy, or theyre content with doing activities by themselves i. e. Shopping alone, going to concerts alone etc

      Also thanks for sharing, helped me see the topic from a different view

  • i think itd natural to feel abit of shame about not having as many friends as a lot of other people do. i guess it makes you look less cool. i feel it too to be honest like i have friends but none of them live near me, i have one friend where i live and they never meet up with me these days because he has so many other friends to be with :/ so im mostly alone. and i dont like showing this to other people because im abit ashamed.

    but truth is the guy isn't going to mind at all. for me, id just see it as you would have more time for me and so we could do more things together rather than having to share you with your friends. also id find you alittle less intimidating i guess, i dont know why, maybe because i would be able to relate to you more haha.

    • I know it's clich├ęd to say, but I'm glad that I'm not alone on the feeling and your situation is so similar to mine. Which makes me feel more at ease.

      Man I hope when I finish my self love journey that I get a guy who is understanding like this

      P. s. thanks for taking the time to share your view and share how you can relate to the topic as well. C:

  • In this case it's perfectly fine and relatable to anyone who has moved. You're not lacking friends due to personality disorders, you just moved and need new ones. Look at it as something to progress through.

    Like if a guy asked if you have any friends instead of saying no, just say you could use more. This way you build up more friends.

    • That is a good and clever way to go about it, I'll definitely keep that in mind. But the whole building friends thing, I feel is easier than done. I mean having associates are easy to find and hold on to, but finding true friends feels like finding a needle in a haystack especially. :c

      Thanks for taking the time to share. C:

    • No problem. Sometimes it's like finding a hay in a needlestack as well if you get a bad bunch.

  • you mean i get her all to myself,,,, nice

    • This answer made me feel better <3

      Thanks for taking the time to share your view

  • It wouldn't be a turnoff. If I really liked the girl, I would be her friend :D


What Girls Said 1

  • I think it's alright as long as it doesn't lead to you being overly clingy! That's the main problem guys have I think - if girls don't have friends, they want to be with him ALL THE TIME and don't give him his space.

    • I can believe this so I will definitely keep that in mind, although I feel I'd probably be the type that be hard to be clingy since, I'm so used to being a loner haha

      Thanks for sharing your opinion I appreciate it and the advice! C:

    • That's okay, good luck :-D

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