Messaging on Tinder, gave him my number and now nothing?

I matched with this cute guy on Tinder last week and he messaged me right away; he was really funny and we hit it off, we were talking back and forward for a few days but I don't get very good data signal so gave him my number because it would be easier to keep chating and because I want to eventually move it off of Tinder. Since then he hasn't messaged me or texted me! He has been on Tinder a few times since this. It's been 4 days since I gave him my number, what did I do wrong and is there anyway I can get him to start talking to me again?


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  • Being this was Online and never a full guarantee, I have found, even for Myself, that some guys find that-----Gave him my number because it would be easier to keep chating... Is a Turn off for them. And for some weird reason they run for the hills, probably thinking there is a strange Reason Why We want to----Run off the site and keep them in our Own "personal" sight.
    I was an advocate on Facebook for Online scammers at one time, And this is Raised Red flag for them (Even for girls) in believing someone wants to move quickly Off One site and be alone with them in either on Email, Yahoo (No cam most of the time) or even by Cell, in hopes of asking them for money or favors.
    In the future, although I know your intentions were not fraud, just frivolous, Stay on Your site and get to know them through "Chat' right there and wait for them, if You like them enough and find them for real, to Give you----His number.
    I can't guarantee he will be back, but if you want, Go back to him and explain yourself, and let him decide what's his deal now and that you're Not---A raw deal.
    Live and learn on these Online sites... However, many more fish in the date mate sea...
    Good luck. xx


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  • maybe some messages were lost, texting is not 100% reliable


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