Had to turn down crush... what should I say when I see him on Monday?

I work together with my crush (for two more weeks, then he goes back to school). I thought he wasn't interested in me the same way, but last Friday I got the impression that maybe he does.

Last Friday we were just the two of us, the rest of our team was having a day off. We chatted casually through the day, like we usually do. Nothing major. Just work and stuff. But after work I stayed with him for two more hours because my shift ended two hours before his. I just stayed there to keep him company.

But at five, when his shift ended, he did not leave like I expected. He stayed for TWO hours just to talk with me. I would like to point out that this was off-work time so it's not like he got paid for it or anything (like I didn't get paid either). So in the end we stayed at work until seven just to talk with each other.

And it was amazing. We stopped talking about work and started to talk everything else, like our mutual interests and hobbies and stuff. Personal stuff.

At seven he had to leave because he had made plans with a friend. They were going out, just for a beer or two.

And my crush asked me to join them! He had never ever suggested anything like that before, we had done nothing outside work. So you can guess how thrilled I was...

But I had to turn him down. Because I have two dogs and it was already pass their feeding and walking time. I just had to go home to take care of them.

He tried to persuade me, but I really had no choice.

Now my question is... what should I say to him on Monday when I see him again? Should I say that I was sorry that I couldn't go out with him and encourage him to ask me again... or should I trust him to ask me again. I don't want to be like "overly attached" and needy and crazy and all that. Maybe he asked me just because he thought I was lonely or something (since that is perfectly reasonable explanation for me to hang out with him after work) and doesn't feel the same way about me.

  • Say you're sorry and encourage to ask again.
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  • Stay cool and friendly and hope he asks again anyway.
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  • He's not really into you, he just didn't know how to get rid of you.
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  • I'd see what's behind door letter A. Based on what you've said talking was nothing for you two and instead of just leaving it alone after you said no, he tried to sway you to go. I don't see you have anything to lose, go for it and good luck.


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  • Sounds like he's interested. Just have him invite you at a time that doesn't conflict with your schedule.


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  • Well it shouldn't be weird you were just taking the responsibilities of taking care of your dogs so if you ever want to go out just make sure he knows that he's not the only thing in your life

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