Girls, does she like me or just being friendly... help please?

This has been going since February of this year

Signs she likes me:
few times held my hands
random long hugs
eye contact while smiling ( pretty sure her eyes were dilated)
Slaps my butt
asks personal questions

Signs she doesn’t like me:
One day she was having a bad day and I hugged her and comforted her. But the next day she came up to me saying “ Yo wanna help a sister out”, this throw me off. What does this mean?

one night she was touching and flirting with a friend in front of me
sometimes she's cold, rude and ignores me
never uses emoticon in texting
never texts first
A lot of "haha"and "LOL" responeses in texting
once she backed off when I tried to hug her

It was the end of the school year, I walked her to her car she said “ I expect to see you this summer” I told her yeah sure. Few days later I texted her saying:

Me: “I have a very serious question?”
Her: “ Ok”
Me: “ Why do I miss your Face”
Her: “ I think you only can answer this”
Than I just changed the subject to something else

during the summer I texted “miss u wanna hangout” She said she missed me too but was busy. I did the something couple more times and again she said she can’t. I texted her couple more times casually ( she texts me back but she wasn’t very responsive) Couple months later I texted her again telling her that I missed her and can’t wait to see her again, she texted back right away saying,” I miss u too!!” and we talked for a little bit.


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  • It sounds to me like you have a fun loving friend. If she's acting this way with other guys (especially in front of you) it sounds to me like she is comfortable enough around you to just be herself. The only way to know if a girl likes you that has a flirty personality is to actually have that convo (just be prepared just in case you are in the friend zone).


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