Long distance relationship with no calling, Skype and haven't met. Am I being "emotional and needy" to expect more than just texting?

I'm in a long distance relationship. We "met" playing a game, we used to chat often in a voice program and play games together. She eventually gave me her number. We texted all the time, it turned sexual. We then started calling often. 9 months ago, we decided we were in a relationship and in love. Every time we've tried to meet, something would happen at her job that she couldn't come here. I was supposed to go down there in March, but she had surgery and didn't want me to come. We tried rescheduling through April and May until she said she wasn't ready yet. Our big meet was supposed to be in June, her job again interfered with that. During this time, February and on, her communication levels dropped. The texting may not come for over a week at a time. Calls were rare. Sexuality is gone. She stopped gaming with me all together. I told her about this, and she agreed we needed a set "date" night for Skype and anything else just so it's regular. We've probably only ever had 5 of them, a few relocated to Sunday. Our last Skype meet was in May. Our last call in June. I've still been leaving voicemails and video messages, but never a reply. She says she wants to keep going, that she does love me and wants things to work out, but there's no effort on her end. Her job has gotten better lately so she's been texting more, but that's all we have is texting. 99% of the time I ask if we will do something together through out the week or about meeting, and the question is completely ignored. She games, uses voicechat and Skype with her other friends whenever she has free time. She claims I'm the only one that she's "intimate" with. Am I being "emotional and needy" to expect we communicate in a way that isn't texting, especially considering we didn't have this problem in the past?


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  • No. Its perfectly understandable. Communications are the key fundamental of a relationship. There is nothing with out it. Tell her shape up or kick rocks.


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  • because you're in a relationship, its understandable to feel the way you are feeling. but this girl... uhm, there is something defiantely up. she is not committed.
    either that or she's catfishing you.

    • The thing is we have communicated via video before, unless it's really elaborate.

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  • Sounds like she wants to dump you and doesn't have the courage to say something, so she's letting it die ><

    That sucks a lot :(

    And you've been incredibly patient with her, btw. You've been putting up with a loooot of crap, and she's been ignoring your relationship for months.

    Worst is, you're probably never going to get an explanation of why from her. Maybe she doesn't look like what she said she does. Maybe she found a guy/girl/etc. Maybe she's just a jerk and decided she doesn't like you anymore but is stringing you along (less likely, give you liked her, but you never know...) Maybe etc etc...

    So... stop pouring your energy into it. She's not giving back, and she's not going to :(

    Ice cream, netflix, gaming with other people, hanging out rl friends, etc.

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