How do you feel when a new girl shows you a lot of attention?

I have been talking to this new guy for about a week. We are both bad texters so you talk on the phone a lot, I have called him about once a day first. He has called me maybe twice first. What im asking is, what do you think of a girl that give you a lot of attention? Does it make you not like her as much if she seems to into you. I asked him if I call him to much and he says no but I still feel like I need to back off and let him make more first moves then me.


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  • Guys really get their ego inflated from it, we're competitive by nature so we take pride in knowing that a girl gives us more attention than the rest

  • its depends what she has to offer me

    • We'll think of it like this. You guys get alone really great. Allosy as if you guy have know each other forever!

    • let me answer your? better, GUYS like attention, so compliment him if you want

    • I guess. Once a guy wanted to stop talking to me because you thought I liked him too much..

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