If you kept having sex with your ex, and still acted like a couple, does that mean you're still in love?

Basically the title says it all.
You have an ex you still act like a couple with (have sex, talk daily, go on dates etc) and your friends and family still think you're together.
Does that mean you're still in love, or not ready to let go yet?


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  • They would hardly qualify as an ex, if you're still banging them and doing other things together, especially if that sex is exclusive.


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  • Not ready to let go. Many people play "the still do things with the ex" phase. Its a comfort thing and a convenience thing at the same time.

    • Is not ready to let go the same as still being in love with her?
      Or all the feelings are gone, but she's just convinient to be around for sex and friendship etc?

    • What you said convenience in this person knows you, your body and you don't have to go through the learning of each other. Comfort is being with someone and not being alone. There may be a few feeling there but obviously not enough for either one to try to be official again.

  • My ex and I could not be married and live together. We had an awesome sex life and I think that was what kept us together as long as we were. After we separated we continued to enjoy sex and somewhat friendship even through the devorce. Its been years now and we still talk. If we weren't so far from each other we'd probably still have sex. But there is no love left between us.


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