Will an EX relationship always influence me or future relationships?

My current girlfriend had a very shitty relationship with a guy before me. They went out for nearly 3 years with over 30+ break ups in between. -__- I know.. Anyways, from what she's told me about her ex and the things and habits that I've seen with her, I feel that although her past relationship was a disaster, the way her ex treated her kind of comes on to me.

Like she told me when they first dated, her ex would just leave her when he's fed up with her, and when he would, my gf would used to stop him and tell him let's work it out. The ex would just be a big baby and leave the scene without her and just drive home.(what an ass I know..) So now when I'm with my gf and we fight and I feel like my heads about to explode, she just seems indifferent about my feelings and just lets me steam by myself. Like she just wants me to get over it, kind of like her ex treated her. What do you guys think? How do I get her to be more like herself BEFORE she met her EX?

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  • I think patience is key in this. She's obviously still unconvinced that you are different and depending on how long it took her and her ex to finish will have a big impact on how she deals with being with you. Just show her you care about her, that you won't do the same things her ex did. But you can't do that with words, only action, and patience.

  • All of people's relationships, no matter how small and seemingly insignificant, influence their further behavior. Inevitable.


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