OPINIONS On Online Relationships?

Personally, I don't think I could ever do that. I need to be with someone I can actually hold hands with, look into their eyes, and speak with them in person. I think it's fine to meet someone online, but I don't think it's fine keeping the relationship on the internet and through texting. It just wouldn't feel real to me and I'd probably end up being disloyal.

What is your opinion on online relationships?


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  • I agree with you a hundred percent, relationships are confined to the limits of 1) your living situation. 2) your money situation 3) your comfortable situation. All these reasons are why, having someone that lives in a different state, country or even continent. Would be putting very real limits towards building a relationship, my brother recently was dumped by his online girlfriend who lives five states away from where we live. I really tried to be sensitive towards by my brother, but honestly I wanted to tell him to his face he has lost nothing. Maybe a single number on his screen in the living room. But staring a bright screen in the dark, isn't healthy and its not what people should be replacing real interaction with human beings as dating.

  • Well, if the couple can video chat online/ Skype
    and talk to one another , you can't take no chance
    just receiving any picture that can be of anyone
    this is how i feel about online dating also
    a high risk taking too

    • Yeah, it's cool if they video chat, but still I think meeting up would kind of be necessary after time.

    • Yes i agree you meeting up with them
      would be necessary after wards

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