Ladies, what do you think about dudes that worship the pimp cultures and trends?

back when high school i though pimps were cool. you know a man who wears really expensive luxurious satin attires with big expensive jewelries and accessories, and always has superior hygiene. lets not forget how they also get around on big expensive tricked out cars and are always surrounded by women.

to put it simple i though being a pimp was every man's dream. lets not forget how poisoned my mind was back then from listening to all these corny rap music like Snoop Dogg and 50 Cent that used to make it seem like being a pimp was "cool". wrestling played a roll in this misinterpretation too as growing up one of my top favorite wrestlers was The Godfather.

anyways as i did a little more growing up and maturing later on i started to see pimps for what they truly are and boy was i disgusted, and still am. you know even though they always seem to have million dollar worth of clothing, cars, women etc they are still big time losers. obviously they dont work for those things they have. they are just tyrant, delinquent losers who control, manipulate and take advantage of others (their whores) to get what they want in the end. something to really look up to, huh? (sarcasm)

anyways till this day i still keep coming across a lot of dudes that still think being a pimp is cool and all i can do is laugh a ridicule their asses. i think these dudes who look up to pimps are big time losers. i mean yes our society is fucked up and will always gives you lots of "this is being what being cool really is" illusions but how can you be so stupid to not analyze that pimps are just low life delinquents? if you are not a pimp but look up to them one way or another you are as worst of an ignorance.

but anyways the saddest part is that a lot of women are still attractive to these type of guys. or maybe is just the women i keep coming across. but what do you ladies really think about these type of dudes?

PS= no sugar coating! and dont let my philosophy influence your...



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  • I think pimps are disgusting pieces of shits who use girls to get what their want and the girl is always screw over, most of them are pedos they kidnap little girls and use them to bring money in and they always looking to kidnap girls they disgusting I rather kill myself then to let a fucking pimp rule me and the sad part is no one gives a shit about a girl unless she a young child if she a hooker.


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  • I don't like pimps. I think anybody who glamourizes one is blind to what they do to others. what I want is a religious guy who worships God and gives everything He has to living a good life.


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