It's my first time dating and I don't know what to expect?

So I met a guy on an online dating site, we live in the same town so he has already asked me to meet up with him - I checked him out on Facebook and I realized he is friends with a group I used to hang out with, so I don't think he is dangerous so I'm not afraid of being hurt by him. What I am afraid of though is that he will want me to sleep with him right away - he's asked me a couple of times to come to his apartment to watch a movie and I have a feeling he expects more than that. Another problem is that he knows my ex - they aren't close friends or anything but I'm afraid it might make things awkward if I went out with him, I know they would figure it out eventually since they have the same friends and they like to long board together sometimes.

So on to my questions - I really want to go out with him, but I don't want to be put into an awkward position where he expects me to sleep with him I've been avoiding his messages for the last couple of days because of it and I made up a stupid excuse to not go to his apartment. What can I do that will let him know this without me making things weird or awkward?

Also what do you think he is expecting? Should I go out with him even if it might cause problems with my ex?

I'm also a little socially awkward, what should I talk about - I don't want to tell him too much about me too fast it would take away the mystery. I honestly don't know what to expect when dating or starting a new relationship because I started dating my ex when I was 14 and only just broke up with him a few months ago. :/

I don't want him to think I'm not interested so I was going to message him back tomorrow but I just don't know what to do. There isn't anything else to do where we live so it's not like I can just suggest something else. :/
There really isn't anything else to do other than go to someones house and hang out, and I don't want to bring up the sex thing before I have to.


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  • I think that his invitation to watch a movie at his place is a bit suspicious. He does sound like he may want to have sex with you and it definitely is not an appropriate start to a relationship. I am a bit worried since I feel like you should not go out with a guy so disrespectful. However if you really want something with him then you should suggest another activity. Ask him to do something else, perhaps during the day so sleeping with him is out of the table. I really think you should not sleep with him, I wouldn't be surprised if he never asked you out again if you do.

    You said a few months have passed since you broke up. Are you ready to be dating again? If you're not then maybe you should not see this guy. If you are then go out with him, if you ex finds out then let him know that you care about him because he may think that you're trying to make him jealous.

    • I think I'm ready, or as ready as I'll ever be. There isn't really anything to suggest to do during the day or any other time even so I don't know what I should do. I find it really hard to say no so I'm afraid I'll end up doing something I don't want to because I'm a nervous person. :/

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  • IT is your first time dating and you have an ex. How is that possible and would you share the abbreviated version please?

    • I assumed that she meant that it is her first time going on a date with that guy.

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    • #1 Why are you dating if you are going to be someone you think other people want you to be.. seriously come on that is so weak, you are living your life out of insecurity and how you TTHINK others perceive you. HEr is my advice, you are worried about the sleeping part, so you tell hi mstraight up ________ I really like you and think you have the potential to be a great guy however when you invite me over I have this reservation that you are wanting to move quicker than I am prepared for. I do not want to make an assumption or an pre conceived notions ________ however I am slightly nervous.. Then he can respond if he is mad well then you are lucky you found out he was a loser and save yourself some time if he is understanding bam good sign proceed forward with caution. I would never to his apartment before getting to know him or background on him.. I would suggest bringing up a neutral place to hang out at. Somewhere you know is safe. Now if he is cool about this good sign. howver still

    • you proceed with caution andwatch his actions CLOSELY. THE KEY FOR YOU IS TO BE STRONG< I KNOW IT APPEARS YOU HAVE A WEAKER PERSONALITY, but if your intuition has this awry feeling then Follow it like the wind!

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