How do you form relationships when you're out and working?

The past 6 months, I've been working a full-time internship. It's been nice being able to buy a new car, several guitars and musical equipment, and be able to finish college out-of-pocket, but socially, it has been abysmal.

Many of my friends are married, basically all are in relationships. It's hard to be social because it's absolutely nothing like college. Your friends aren't around, and you don't have close-knit social groups like in college. Heck, I turned several girls down in college, because I was in a relationship or taking a break to focus on studies. Or just not interested.

It seems almost like if you're not married or in a relationship at graduation or after, you're probably perpetually single from then on. Outside, it seems like socializing with people is some awkward situation they want to end as soon as possible.

Any tips for getting myself out there again?


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  • You may work full time, but it doesn't mean you have time for playing the guitar, which is an example of an activity. Another activity could be like running or writing or whatever it be. During weekends or when you're off find something you're good at or get good at something and join a club or a group. In these groups you find like-minded people - even if those of whom you meet are not hot or not girls, they have friends that are girls who are hot. This is just one way that you find relationships.