Have I got him in the bag?

My head is going nuts! He drives me insane! We get along with each other so well.. He can see it and so can i. We text everyday, we started to chuck phone calls in when we can, he always wants to see me, Always making room in his busy schedule, not forcing me to do anything that i dont want to do, sends me random photos of things his doing, saying corny things over the phone with me. Example: supposedly if my girlfriend wished me good luck today maybe we wouldn't have had a draw. (he plays soccer tournaments) and things like stealing work from you guys, the country and one particular woman. Im not even going out with him. His brought me gifts, he tells me about his day to day activities. When we are out together we are full of laughs and smiles, it brightens up the place we are because well i think we are so humble to one and another. A few touches on the arm and a lot on the leg. Grabbing each others waist and hugging. We aren't in a relationship but do you think his fallen in love with me? How do you know if he has fallen in love with me? Or am i way off and he just likes me. Im not sweet towards him on the phone, im a girl who is pretty much straight forward on the phone, until last night i wished him a goodnight and that i will talk to him tomorrow. He then says oh my god, i think my phone just got really warm, its so heated up by the love thats coming out of it.. We are such goof balls with each. What do you think it is?


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  • Sounds like he likes you alright. Do you like him?

    The whole "got him in the bag" thing concerns me and makes me question your intentions. Don't fuck with the guy.

    • Yes i do. We both have told each other about it. Apologises for the title, it was a figure of speech. I don't intend to play games with him. The only games i want is the one in the bedrooom, but sex with each other is the last thing we talk about, we are taking it really slow, as we don't want to rush things and get to really know one and another because people these days rush in a relationship

    • Good on ya. I hope things work out for you. Sounds like you have a great start.

    • Cool, thank you

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  • He's just being nice


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  • I think he may like you, since it seems like he's being super, even overly, nice. If you like him back, you have nothing to wait for. All signs are clear :)

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