Is he over me what happened?

Ok so I was friends with this guy he is not exactly mister smooth and he is really cute and a tad boring ok he is a good guy kinda like screeh he is smart
and less funny and sweet we were friends for like a month we did a play together along with a lot of other friends and I always found the other guy much more interesting anyway his friends started acting really weird and starting leaving me alone with him I avoided him then is walked into my English class and well he didn't exactly say the words but it was implied that he wanted me to be his gf. I told him I would think about it. Since school is out I don't see him. But I called him on Thursday and asked him to ask me out and call me Friday with the details and we'll go out on Saturday hw told me he was afraid to call because of my parents I told him he it was ok on Friday he did not call so I called him on Saturday night and he sounded like he was asleep so I told him I will call back later I really don't want to go to school and see his friends and him someone please tell whats going on abd what to do..

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  • I think that you had your Chance and I know it sucks because you like him now but maybe after you thinking about it he did to and changed his mind but I could be completely wrong maybe he just wants to ask you in person don't b scared you'll b just fine good luck


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