I asked and she said maybe?

So i got the dreaded "MAYBE" the other day when I asked this girl out who works in a shop i go to about twice a week. She has flirted with me a little and i thougt what the hell. It was a Friday and i asked if she had any plans for the weekend. She said she was working Saturday and what about me. Her reply did seem like it could have been polite small talk since thats mostly been our report over the past few months. Then i asked would she like to get together.. non specific i know.. not great.. im not the best at cold calling and i prob came off a bit nervous. Anyway i didn't hesitate really, just grabbed my reciept from the box it was still hanging out of and wrote my name and number on it. She gave a big smile and read my name out loud. I was pleasantly surprised with her apparent enthusiasm to know and say my name. Then i asked her name and ironically we shook hands and said "nice to meet you." I then repeated my not so suave "call me if you want to do something" and left. I didn't expect anything but i haven't heard from her and im just looking for some tips from guys or girls on how to proceed from here. She seems to not be totally repulsed by me so what should i do/say next time i see her. It will most likely be back at the shop she works at since we dont have muual friends and really know nothing much about eachother. And did the maybe mean maybe in this case or what? Thanks all in advance.


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  • She might just we playing hard to get.. Girls do that they love to leave you on the fence. If I were you the next time you go in maybe find a flirtatious way to see if she still has your number. But don't make it seem like you're totally interested. Girls like a little mystery.


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  • Well, if you were gonna make a move, it should've been asking her for her number. Giving your number to a girl is always a last resort. Chances of her calling-unless she's gahgah over you- are super slim. But you made your move, got a maybe, what's done is done. She hasn't called and likely won't, and if she doesn't before you go to her shop next then you know where you don't stand which is nowhere. If this is the case it's go big or home, do or die time. I say, next time you go see her, talk to her, get her number and tell her you want to take her for coffee. Or better yet, ask her when her break is, or when her lunch is, and tell her to have coffee with you. If she seems reluctant, or hesitated in any way, just say, "come on, it's just coffee, have coffee with me," and follow with a devilish smile. Somethin' like that.