I'm in love with my boss, should I go for it? How?

I've known him for over 2 years, and he became my boss a few months ago. A few of my regulars have talked with him and have told me that he would date me, though he's nervous because he is my boss. I don't think I'm able to move on, he really is everything I've ever wanted in a future partner. How can I see this through? He's very dedicated and hard working, just like me, we both very much like our jobs..


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  • Never ever ever date your boss. You are looking for trouble. If the two of you argue one night. Don't be surprised if there is an extra pile of work on your desk the next day.

    If something good should happen to you at work. Then watch out for your co-workers. It will be the "it's because you're sucking his dick" treatment.

    Either way. Stay away


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  • Is it against company policy? Those kind of relationships can be looked down upon-- favoritism, and not thinking clearly in terms of the business.

    • As far as I know, its not against company policy..

    • This is all gonna come down upon how he feels about dating an EMPLOYEE, and any pressure he get it because of it. Careful. If this goes to shit, its gonna be one awkward workplace.

  • He's not going to do it. He's your boss


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