Is it true the person you probably hate maybe the person you gonna end up with?

my husband hated me, we hated each other. he use to tell his friends im a stalker and is crazy but i just loved to scare him most of the time. i use to vent to him my anger and piss him off purposely because i liked to get hemmed up by him (sexually)...2 months later we started back talking but now as of today we been married for 6 years. i had bipolar ways with him lol i still showed i care


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  • Doesn't sound like you guys really "hated" each other in the first place.

    Hate is a form of love anyway, just a strongly negative form.

    But yeah, hate isn't just fucking with someone or not liking them. When you hate someone, you delight in seeing them suffer in agony.


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  • awww that's cute :)

    • i been with him since i was 15 i am almost 25 now lol he accepted whatever i did and wasn't even mad

    • :) well true love does exist. congrats hun :)

  • holy crap
    well then yes it probably is true